The countdown to back to work begins


I’m making the most of kissing this cheeky face and playing together before I return to work. It gets me all worked up when people suggest I have a choice in this, I don’t, most of us don’t and for J and I it’s not good timing, we’re moving into a different napping routine, weaning isn’t yet fully established and frankly I don’t feel ready to leave her, but I have to, and we’ll both have to be brave together! On a positive note I believe we’ve found a good childminder, J is an adaptable little thing, and I’m sure a hot cuppa and adult conversation will do me good, I just don’t want to know about it if I miss her first steps, word or tantrum!


Real Nappy Week 2013

Real Nappy Week 2013

This is my second Real Nappy Week, last year I was heavily pregnant and found I’d perfectly timed the first week of maternity leave with RNW 2012 as I got loads of advice, some freebies and an excellent DVD introducing me to the world I now know as fluff! This year during Real Nappy Week 15th – 22nd April 2013 there’s a huge and growing £7,500 pot of giveaway prizes, you can read more at the press release link below, see also to get involved in the fun!


If you’ ve never experienced “fluffy post” before you have no idea what you’re missing!

Munchkin Booster Feeding Seat Review

When I heard we’d been chosen by Munchkin to test their products I crossed everything that the booster seat would be in the product bundle as I’d been feeding Joss on my knee out at other people’s houses for way too long and she’d learned loads of tricks for wriggling away to play!

I was really pleased to see it in the mega box of products and knew we’d test that first!  The practical things first – it has two seat heights and two positions for the feeding tray, can be attached to any dining chair but also used on the floor.  The seat strapped easily to a large dining chair, the three point harness clipped easily and the first tray setting was a good fit even though Joss is skinny and usually too small for most seats! I was surprised how steady she was without straps over the shoulder but the seat was really robust.  Even though we kept the seat on the lower position Joss quickly found she was boosted to a prime view of the TV and can be seen stretching to see here!


I love the vibrant green and sturdy chair back, Joss seemed really comfy and happily tucked into her cheese and courgette muffin, I think she liked eating with us as she could see our lunch and beg for bits and bobs from our plates!


You can see here that although she’s a littley she was sat upright and comfortable.  I was really impressed with this product, particularly as its priced at under £20 online and if we had dining chairs at home I’d have preferred this to our standard high chair, top marks from us!


Capturing precious moments


I take millions of photos of this beautiful child, when she was 4 weeks old I panicked, she was changing too fast and I wanted to capture my memories so we started Sunday Photo, a weekly snap to capture the passing of time. Ten months on now every week captures something different, this week it was sleepy rosy cheeks, early on it was tiny feet and hands, her heart shaped bug face (I just think she looks like Dot from A Bugs Life!) rolling, giggling and now crawling, I think we’ll keep taking them til she doesn’t want us to anymore!

Munchkin Mummies 2013

Munchkin Mummies 2013

This photo is blurry because I was in a state of shock and excitement! Niffer and I are going to to be testing products for Munchkin throughout 2013 and this is what we received to test today – so much to look at it was like all our Christmases came at once!

I’ll be deciding on what we’ll review first very soon, but here’s a little rundown of what we received, I may have even missed a few bits in all the excitement!

Microwave steriliser and steriliser bags
Spill proof and first cups from the fab Click Lock range
Bowls and plates with fish decorations – I especially love the look of these, they have a lovely sweet little fish peering out when you finish your dinner!
Bottle brush
Bento box – Mammy thinks this will be perfect for taking to the childminder on her return to work
Spoon tips for squeezing pouches
Soft tip spoons, we have one of these, lovely to have more as they’re a great shape
Stacka bowls and the amazing non slip bowls that I’ve heard great things about!
Inflatable bath duck – totally iconic
Nappy disposal system
Nappy storage system
Designer nappy change mat
Adjustable booster seat with tray – my personal favourite and probably soon to be our first review
Bath duck with temperature monitor
Squirter bath toys
Organiser for bath corner – great stuff!
Caterpillar spiller toy for bath
Bath ball
Bath tumble toy
Twisty eight teether
Twisty ball teether
Barbell teether
Super cute monkey teether

As I said on my FB post, just wow!

Huge thanks Munchkin, can’t wait to let you know our thoughts!

Teething woes


Ten months old and still no teeth! But lots of chewing and biting going on and dribbly chin – I was lucky enough to be a winner in Gumigem’s 10,000 likes FB competition and won this Sunset beauty, put it away for mother’s day and she’s currently chewing away happily in our sling! Its been a lucky few weeks for comping so I’ll give it a rest and let some other lucky folks receive the congratulations emails!!

My confident little lady


Today Niff just did me so proud, we had an afternoon of shopping and lunching and she was just a joy to be out with, she always is, honestly most days she doesn’t cry AT ALL! She’s such a blessing, and even more entertaining now she’s crawling and pulling herself up, I keep thinking how do I have a ten month old?! – where has the time gone! So funny seeing her chat to the folks on the bus today, she occasionally looks east me to check its OK, but not in a shy way, she’s so confident and seems very sociable, wary but ready with a smile if she deems you deserving of one! My year off draws to a close soon but we have such a strong bond I know we’ll help each other to make the transition!