My Life Put Simply


Delighted to feature in this month’s Prima magazine and get a complimentary subscription for the pleasure! I really enjoyed writing it and am pleased to see it in print at last! Something to keep for Niff’s memory box, as she gets a mention of course!




It seems to be a daily occurrence that I admire the bonny coloured nappies spinning around the machine! This was taken for a fab Totsbots competition over on Pinterest! I’m also excited because I told Prima magazine of my love of Totsbots nappies, frugal ideas and some of my hobbies and I’m featuring in their March mag out on Thursday, can’t wait to see the feature!


Today I received my maternity hospital notes, I requested them after having had a tough labour and some gaps in my memory that I have been struggling to resolve.  I plan to write Niff’s birth story but I’ve been holding back waiting to see whether I’ve forgotten something vital.  It was cathartic reading the notes, but also hard work ruminating on some painful memories.  Do I write it for her, or forms? How honest should I be? Will she understand when she’s old enough?

Niff’s daddy and the grandparents say I have to just move on, its easier said than done though, the day she arrived changed our lives forever, I know I have to get a handle on it and move on, so I hope writing her story is as cathartic as reading my notes.

If anyone has links to stories I’d love to get some inspiration to get me started and maybe jog my memory!

Messy play


So today was messy! It’s important to me that Niff enjoys feeling textures etc as I dislike being sticky and messy, I love that we can go to our local Children’s Centre, get babies, floors and mam’s hair covered in paint and leave the scene of devastation behind – for free! Long may they continue, these sessions are lovely for Niff but also give me a confidence boostm , other mams to chat to and loads of info on hand about feeding, home safety etc. For all Niff was head to toe paint she did make Daddy a lovely picture poem!