Congratulations Cuddledry (we knew you were great!)

We and our fellow Cuddledry Super Bloggers received some exciting news today!  This month, Cuddledry towels scooped both the gold AND silver ‘Best Baby Towel’ awards from Loved by Parents, confirming their continued excellence in producing innovative, useful and high quality products.  The winning products were the Original Cuddledry Apron Towel which we love so much we frequently give as a new baby gift, and the new Cuddleswim Baby Towel. The simple brilliance of the Apron Towel has been recognised since the product’s infancy, attracting the attention of all four dragons when it featured on Dragon’s Den in 2007 and going on to win over 25 awards. Worn as an apron, it keeps mums and dads dry during bathtime whilst allowing them to have both hands free to safely bath their newborns.



We’re about to move from the apron towel to the ‘big girl’ toddler Cuddledry, what should we go for, dinosaur or pink polkas?!


What’s in your changing bag?

I’m delighted to have been included on the brilliant Make Do and Push blog, in Hannah’s ingenious What’s in Your Changing Bag? feature. This really brings out the nosy parker in me, I love our Skip Hop bag, it’s like a tardis, and it’s great to look inside the bags of other bloggers to see what other ‘must haves’ are lurking out there in Mother and Baby land!

This is just a teaser, you can read more here

Congratulations to Wills and Kate on George’s Arrival!

He’s here!  Lovely to see Kate looking so well after giving birth and thanks to them both for letting us have a glimpse, Wills seems so like his mother, she would have been so proud I’m sure to welcome her grandchild!

We were delighted to feature in Tesco’s special Royal Baby Book offering advice to the then pregnant Duchess and her husband. 


You can see the fantastic tips here, how exciting that our Jossy has had an audience with royalty already!


First words

I’m so pleased to have a place to record Joss’ development and funny little ways!  We have had some really good first words in the last week or two, and a tooth at 14m at last!

Here’s a sample conversation with Jossy!

Mammy: What does a doggy do?

Jossy: Wuff!

Mammy: That’s right, wuff, what about a snake?

Jossy: sssssssss! (this kills me!)

Mammy:  Shall we blow some bubbles?

Jossy: Bubbas

She also says tikotiko which are tickles and says this when stroking cats and dogs (she’s totally animal mad but we live next to an urban farm so no surprise there then!) and duckaduckaducka which started off as a noise she liked along with doardoardoar but if I ask her to bring the duck she now says duck and brings it over!

 Here she is chatting to the animals on TV!



What’s the story?

What's the story?

What a fab idea for a linky from Podcastdove! I loved Mummy Barrow’s contribution and knew I had just the photo!

This was taken by my hubby in Paris on honeymoon in July 2011. We had a whole week to enjoy the city and this photo takes pride of place on our living room wall. Called Shhhh by Jef Aerosol this mural is next to the Stravinsky fountain near then Pompidou Centre, I like urban art and this is breathtaking, we read more about the man himself on returning home and learned it’s a self portrait, the red arrow his signature and his work can be spotted around France using this as its identifier.

I love this photo because it reminds me of our honeymoon, but also I love that when my hubby took it, a bird was just taking flight, if you look closely it’s not part of the mural but it looks like it could be!