My handmade Boston Tweed Handbag part 1

My handmade Boston Tweed Handbag part 1

I started a two week community sewing class today in a gorgeous setting, Bensham Grove Community Centre. We’re making a winter handbag and this is how far we got today, pattern cutting, rivet feet and a solid square base. I need to work on my machine skills before next week but for a novice I’m utterly delighted with the fabric, the design and that I have started to make something that looks like a credible handbag!

The history of the building we’re working in is fascinating, William Morris and some of the Pre- Raphaelite painters were welcome visitors and their influence can certainly be felt in the rooms which are currently under conservation.

I must get more photos next time as it really is awe inspiring. You can see the William Morris influence here, what a place to do creative work in, eh!?



4 thoughts on “My handmade Boston Tweed Handbag part 1

  1. That looks great. Well done. I’m loving the fabric
    I upcycled my sponsors t-shirts into a bag for brit mums this year

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