Early evening walks

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     Photo_B8CF3F4D-5A5B-6628-73AF-8CF5D3CC7318    WP_000410    Photo_545F7E80-E709-1B1C-DDBD-6E1820625622

I love where we live, lots of greenery and the nicest walk, a 25 minute round trip at its shortest, part of a coast to coast route at its longest,taking in a pretty little marina with small boats and lots and lots of wildflowers.

I always like to stop and look at the big colourful cable wheels, and recently we picked over 1kg of blackberries, now frozen, over a week of evening walks.

We try to do this every night, and twice a day at weekends, this walk is where Alex proposed, where we’ve planned, sometimes rowed and dreamed.

It’s at the top of our street, we live in a small flat – but look at our garden!

I honestly wouldn’t want to live anywhere else in the world!


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