Love Necessity Review

Love Necessity sells cloth nappies, and you know how much we like nappies!  When I saw that LN were sewing up a storm and looking for testers for their baby and toddler wear I stepped in line to test a toddler dress with Jossy.  

When the dress arrived I was delighted with the print, if you check them out on Facebook at I think you’ll agree that Andrea, the mama behind LN has a lovely eye for fabrics.  


I often find that clothing for babies and toddlers in the shops is just too grown up, instead Andrea has chosen fun, colourful fabrics that are playful and well co-ordinated.  As party dresses go, we tend not to go for the big and bulky but pared down and well made, the ruffles give it a party feel without being OTT.  It more than accommodated Joss’ big big boosted nappies! The fabric itself is a lovely lightweight cotton, it washed and dried brilliantly – it’s been through the tumbler just fine, and is a lovely cool dress for these hot days we’ve been having, perfect stitching work and ruching to boot, it’s a lovely dress and has got lots of compliments at our Baby Social group!

Thanks Love Necessity for a really gorgeous dress!



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