A conversation with my husband

She’s only happy in the sun… – Ben Harper

One of my favourite songs popped into my head today, by Ben Harper.  It came to be there because the hubby and I were talking about how much happier, more productive and generally nice to be around I am in the summer in comparison to the winter.  In the Summer I take on new activities, at the moment I’m parenting, studying, working, and volunteering and feel like all these things are very manageable, a stark contrast to winter-me, summer-me is sunny and bright.  Winter-me doesn’t do much, doesn’t take on new things, hibernates and eats.

“Shall we move to Spain and you’d have a happy wife all year round?” I asked?

“No, we’d have no money, and we’re OK”

“Alright then, make the most of summer-me then, I won’t be around for long!”

It’s a bit of an epiphany, I read somewhere and must hunt it out that some people plan the running of their own businesses around their seasonal mood swings, taking on new work and hence profitability in the summer, taking a rest and therefore a hit in the winter…I’m off to work on one of the many ‘excellent’ ideas that I only have at this time of year!


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