And then she was one!


Happy First Birthday Sweetheart, what a year!  It was rounded off with three new things.

1) I baked my first cake, I always wanted to be a domesticated Mama, I’m not cut from that cloth, I live and work in organised chaos so this cake was a big thing, I’m far from being a super cakey bakey lady but I made it with so much love!  Design inspiration from it was a vanilla sponge and not bad for a first attempt!  I drove my tasters mad, do you like it, is it not dry, too rich?… But the little lady loved it so I’m happy 🙂

2) A gorgeous pram for a gorgeous girl! I bought her a beautiful red wooden dolly pram and am crocheting a wee sparkly blanket for dolly!  Daddy bought a necklace for when she’s big which made me cry, so thoughtful!

3) We had a first birthday photoshoot, so here’s a sneaky peek!


I feel so lucky to have this sweet girl in my life!


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