Long may children’s centre baby groups continue!

I don’t know what I’d do without my local Children’s Centre, we use their free activities a lot and both supergirl and I have benefitted hugely.  I pitched on up with my four week old, sleep deprived, worried sick about my mothering skills and looking for a shoulder to cry on.  I found a warm environment, a key worker who cares and sympathetic ears all round.  Going along has helped me see my fears are normal, I can ask for advice, and Niff LOVES it!  She is so sociable, recognises songs and actions and is learning to try lots of exciting things. 

This week was a messy session, glitter and fake snow, she just chilled out when she got into that snowy bath, relaxed her furrowed brow and looked at her sparkly hands for half an hour straight!  I’m a worrier, would she eat the snow, is it safe, will it stain?  The group leader had the right attitude, she may have a glittery poo but its harmless and fun…and it was!


I love to see what the other babies are wearing as I’ve been told I have an interesting taste in baby clothes, but I favour Frugi trousers and Tiny Nipper leggings because they accommodate a big cloth nappy bum!  The blue trousers just seen are fab Frugi’s, the Daisy Duck top a gift as that’s our girl’s middle name (Daisy, not Duck).


I also favour comfort over matchy matchy so she always wears clashing pippi longstocking socks!


And finally, we featured in Mother and Baby this month talking about cloth nappies!  A lovely thing for Niffer’s memory box!



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