Mindfulness and motherhood vs distraction and stress

I am a self confessed worried mother, one of my biggest worries on my journey as a new mother has been how easily I find it to become distracted particularly by technology.  I decided to take the “hands free pledge” – my own interpretation will be to reduce my time on mobile devices and computer to time when my daughter is sleeping.  Its a paradox that I fear returning to work, whilst guiltily racking up time spent not living in the moment with my darling girl.  I am under no allusions that as an information crazy researcher my thirst for constantly checking emails and texts will be difficult to ignore, but I am determined to master my own way of mindful mothering.  This beautiful poem by R Knight, Slow Down Mummy inspired me to write this post http://www.drmomma.org/2012/01/slow-down-mummy.html

So I guess I’m pledging to look into these gorgeous blue eyes more and my computer less, how lovely, now when you put it like that what could be more perfect!?



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